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    SEN-12. As Muradellas - Lubián
Accommodation    Restaurants
As Muradellas - Lubián
Distance: 4.00 Km Circular: No IBP: 20
Start: Cerca del Santuario de la Tuiza
Landing: 0.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 100.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 73 62
Recommended For: Children's
Profile As Muradellas - Lubián
Along the route we will see the valley of the river Tuela where we can see the river Tuela from different points, we can see a wooden bridge that crosses it, the mill of the uncle Juan, two rest areas the well Green and the well two Cereixais , A pastoral chozo the Fraguas and of course the castro as Muradellas where we will see how they lived more than 2,200 years. We will cross riverside forests, ferns, oaks and pine trees, the sound of the water and the song of the birds will accompany us all the way, it will give us the sensation that the time has stopped for a moment, we will cross also small streams .
The castro As Muradellas is pre-Roman of the time of the Iron Age dates from S.III a.C. Declared of Cultural interest in 1994. The Astures were its constructors and main tenants. It is one of the best defense casts since it has two walled and natural moats, a wall of granite stones and a zone of stones stuck in the ground for the defense. Two zones in the said castro are differentiated one internal where
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    SEN-14. Valle del rio Gamoneda
Accommodation    Restaurants
Valle del rio Gamoneda
Distance: 11.09 Km Circular: No IBP: 44
Start: La Tejera
Landing: 100.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 419 422
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Valle del rio Gamoneda
During this way we will see panoramic views of the Gamoneda valley and the mountain range of Escusaña, bulls of carballos, forest of riverside, the river Gamoneda, we will be able to visit four mills flourers in the right margin of the river Gamoneda (Muiño of Srabella, of Chemena, Novo and of Bridge Nova) that provided grinding service to nearby towns, the Ponte da Sarabella, the area of the Pala where we have a kind of bridge, a stream on the border with Portugal where once a year the town of Tejera climb to meet Its neighbors the Portuguese making a meal of brotherhood and a popular party, in Alto de Longres we have a viewpoint where we can see until Tejera, Fillobal, As Louxeiras, Las Loseras, Portela and Castelo dos Moros. View File
    SEN-15. Prados y Castaños
Accommodation    Restaurants
Prados y Castaños
Distance: 8.87 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 
Start: Hermisende
Landing: 100.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 214 207
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Prados y Castaños
Along the route we will see centuries old chestnut groves authentic monuments of nature. This route, despite being located in a mountain area specifically in the high Sanabria is simple to realize and provides us with landscapes of forests and impressive meadows, of mountain and of valley, at the beginning of this road we will find ourselves with impressive chestnuts that give Name are just an announcement of what is to come, at the end of the road and reaching the town of Hermisende we will meet again with this magnificent example of nature this time with species with more years. View File
    SEN-16. Valle del río Bibey
Accommodation    Restaurants
Valle del río Bibey
Distance: 15.77 Km Circular: No IBP: 16
Start: Porto de Sanabria
Landing: 50.00 % Asphalt: 50.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 249 260
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Valle del río Bibey
The route begins in Porto de Sanabria and runs parallel to the river Bibey where we will find innumerable cabins along the way. During this way we will see panoramic views of the river Bibey and the town of Porto, as well as the acebrales do Grañeiro and das Meadas which is the most extensive of the valley, is on the stream Cruxeiras that crosses it. The interior of this vestibule is full of multitude of vegetable corridors formed by its trunks, forming small waterfalls in the rainy season. These two large forests of holly have an enormous environmental importance and a great ecological value, we can also see holly holly throughout the whole route. We can also see the houses of Cacheta and do Castelos as well as some other livestock building, we will pass through three bridges to cross the river Bibey, we could also visit the flour mill that is in the GR-84, which gave grinding service to the Population of Porto and the bridge da Freita on the river Bibey. View File
    SEN-18. Valle del Río Tuela
Accommodation    Restaurants
Valle del Río Tuela
Distance: 10.60 Km Circular: No IBP: 43
Start: San Ciprian de Hermisende
Landing: 99.90 % Asphalt: 0.10 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 365 366
Recommended For: Children's
Profile Valle del Río Tuela
Along the route we will see the Valley of the river Tuela, riverside forests, as well as the river Tuela and its tributaries. You can see the mountains of Marabón and Gamoneda. Along the route and on the right bank of the river Tuela we have the mills of Pisón de San Ciprián and Mouro Morto as well as others, these mills are now in ruins as a result of a great flood. What's Near Comiares we have a traditional apiary. We will be able to see the River Tuela from the top of Velois, as well as to take it for some time parallel to the path, we will pass for four bridges to cross the river Barreal, Regueiro de Velois, the river Tuela and the arroyo de la carroza, River Tuela with a great patrimonial value if we do not cross we go to a mirador "Mirador Pozo da Moura" that is located about 3 km from this bridge. We will also cross a firewall. View File
    SEN-19. Barjacoba - As Lamas
Accommodation    Restaurants
Barjacoba - As Lamas
Distance: 6.70 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 34
Start: Barjacoba
Landing: 81.70 % Asphalt: 18.30 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 246 246
Recommended For: Children's
Profile Barjacoba - As Lamas
Along the route we will see the Leira river valley from different points, we can see two tunnels to cross the A-52. Using the wind tracks and a section of the Santiago Sanabrés road we will crown the top of Gamoneda, also known as Monte Muga of 1732 meters where we can observe: to the north and northwest the panoramic views of Lubián, Padornelo, Aciberos and Hedroso, towards the Southeast the Calabor reservoir and the peaks of Cinseiro of 1,608 meters and the height of the Ciscarra of 1,413 meters, we can also enjoy along the whole summit of the top of the Gamoneda of the famous windmills, which have given life to this zone. In the descent and towards the southwest we can enjoy the panoramas of Castrelos, Hermisende and San Ciprián, as well as the valley of the river Tuela. We will cross areas of low mountain, riverside forests, ferns, oaks and pines, the sound of water and the song of the birds will accompany us at the beginning and end of the road, we will cross small streams. View File
    SEN-22. La Raya
Accommodation    Restaurants
La Raya
Distance: 17.30 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 62
Start: Hermisende
Landing: 89.80 % Asphalt: 10.20 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 534 537
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile La Raya
Along the route we will see Sotos of old chestnut trees, panoramic of the valley of Hermisende with the towns of Hermisende and San Ciprián, also we will see the Sierras of Marabón, Gamoneda and Escusaña, as well as the valleys of the small river and river Tuela and the union Between both. We will also see the Portuguese towns closest to the border as Moimenta, we will find the marras (some of them very old) of the political division between Spain and Portugal, as well as guardhouses (now in ruins) of the Carabineros. Also we can see the Castros de Lombo of San Juan and Escagalla, we will pass by the zone of the old furnaces of lime. View File
    MTB-5. Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
Accommodation    Restaurants
Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
Distance: 135.00 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 287
Start: Lubián
Landing: 83.77 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 16.22 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 3975 3962
Recommended For: Experts
Profile Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the route we will pass through oak forests with a few birch trees, where we can find some willow trees, as well as holly and chestnut trees. We also find wonderful fountains especially in the different towns. As we ascend to the different mountain ranges we will see incredible panoramas of the different populations, valleys and mountain ranges of the area. Usually and along the top of these mountain ranges we will find large extensions of shrubs, carballos, heather and brooms.Along the route and depending on the time of year we will also see the innumerable lagoons that have these mountain ranges and the dam of Porto Bridge. These gaps are in the first 34 km of the route. Along this stretch of mountain range, there are other lagoons, to reach them we would have to abandon our route.It is one of the best routes to see the traces of the glaciations, which are visible in the rugged terrain of this route. Glacier ice also left its mark on the flora that inhabits th View File