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    SEN-23. A pedra das ferraduras
El inicio de la ruta está a 0.00 Km de Apartamentos Sanabria, y el final a 0.00 Km.
A pedra das ferraduras
Distance: 11.00 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 56
Start: San Ciprian de Hermisende
Landing: 94.30 % Asphalt: 5.70 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: High Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 553 486
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile A pedra das ferraduras
We leave from San Ciprián de Hermisende direction Castromil, leaving the road quickly, we will go by a traditional way through which we would climb Val de Buitres, we will see landscapes of the Sierra de Marabón and views of Rabo de Gato. Before reaching Val de Buitres we will pass through the Portela area of ​​Rebordelo and O Castelo de Rebordelo, then we will have to cross the trail of Velois in the area of ​​As Pombeiras, a little further up the Wave of Valdecabritos where we will see the waterfall of the Stream of Velois. We can see some panoramas of Hermisende. Further up and after climbing through a firebreak, Pedra das Ferreduras (a flat rock with a horseshoe shaped petroglyphs) and Castro de San Ciprián, we continue through the area of ​​Alto do Ladiairo which we do not get to crown. Going down to San Ciprián de Hermisende by the Castle of Rechouso. From where we can see wonderful panoramas of the towns of Moimenta and Castromil, returning to San Ciprián by a traditional way of access... View File