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    SEN-14. Valle del rio Gamoneda
Accommodation    Restaurants
Valle del rio Gamoneda
Distance: 11.09 Km Circular: No IBP: 44
Start: La Tejera
Landing: 100.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 419 422
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Valle del rio Gamoneda
During this way we will see panoramic views of the Gamoneda valley and the mountain range of Escusaña, bulls of carballos, forest of riverside, the river Gamoneda, we will be able to visit four mills flourers in the right margin of the river Gamoneda (Muiño of Srabella, of Chemena, Novo and of Bridge Nova) that provided grinding service to nearby towns, the Ponte da Sarabella, the area of the Pala where we have a kind of bridge, a stream on the border with Portugal where once a year the town of Tejera climb to meet Its neighbors the Portuguese making a meal of brotherhood and a popular party, in Alto de Longres we have a viewpoint where we can see until Tejera, Fillobal, As Louxeiras, Las Loseras, Portela and Castelo dos Moros. View File
    SEN-13. Camino del Contrabando
Accommodation    Restaurants
Camino del Contrabando
Distance: 15.11 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 43
Start: Castromil
Landing: 100.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Medium Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 201 208
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Camino del Contrabando
Attractions of the Route: During this path of smuggling we will see landscape of meadows surrounded by walls of stone masonry of this zone. Landscape of Berrocal, Penedo del Mozo where you find one of the bars that border Spain and Portugal, the natural source two kingdoms where the cattle of the Three Kingdoms had the right to watering, the Penedo or Fraga dos Tres Reinos is about 1025 Mts of altitude, is the P-349 marra, integrated into the mountainous system of the Sierra de Marabón, is what marks the border between the three medieval kingdoms of Galicia, Castile and Portugal. This Penedo is located between the Parish of Moimenta (concello de Vinhais - Portugal), or the municipality of A Mezquita in the province of Ourense - Galicia and the concello de Hermisende in the province of Zamora - Castilla y León. (This penedo is the place where the kings of Galicia, León and Portugal met to establish the border delimitation between these kingdoms), in the year 1864 the definitive drawing of the border borders View File
    SEN-21. Prados do Canizo
Accommodation    Restaurants
Prados do Canizo
Distance: 14.58 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 69
Start: Lubián
Landing: 68.44 % Asphalt: 31.55 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Medium Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 666 671
Recommended For: Children's
Profile Prados do Canizo
Along the route we will pass near the Cortello do Lobo, at the beginning we will be able to observe towards the northwest the panoramic views of Lubián, Aciberos, Hedroso and Padornelo, we will take the Buruxal high of 1,627 m. We will cross the streams of the Porto de la Meda and the Falgueira, seeing these valleys from different points. We will see the wind farms of Hedroso-Aciberos and that of Lubián, we will pass very close to the Alto do cañizo, we will see the meadows of Cañizo and del Casar. In the descent towards Lubián we will pass by the Teixo Port and we will see to the south the panorama of Chanos and the high of the Gamoneda as well as the different valleys including the Tuela river and the road network of the zone, we will enjoy the famous mills Which have given life to this area. Along the route we will cross areas of low mountain, as well as traditional path and track of wind farms. View File
    SEN-24. Chanos por el Camino de Santiago
Accommodation    Restaurants
Chanos por el Camino de Santiago
Distance: 10.20 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 46
Start: Iglesia de Chanos
Landing: 0.00 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Medium Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 407 361
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Chanos por el Camino de Santiago
We leave from Chanos direction Las Hedradas, we will go by the traditional way of access to farms, we will pass by the zone of Forcada and the Cabreros, later we will have to cross the stream of Briallo in the zone of Cavaxe Seca. We can see some panoramic views of the A-52 motorway, as well as the towns of Chanos and Las Hedradas. We arrive to Las Hedradas from here we go to the area of the Canda to cross the A-52 below and the railroad track above in search of the Sanabrés Way of Santiago by which we will descend towards the Hermitage and the Sanctuary of the Tuiza, Before arriving here we have to cross the Arroyo de la Tuiza and down the area of Cebral and Malladica, once past the Hermitage we will cross the A-52 to return to Chanos by a traditional access road to farms. View File
    SEN-27. Barjacoba-Pías-Barjacoba
Accommodation    Restaurants
Distance: 13.10 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 58
Start: Barjacoba
Landing: 87.00 % Asphalt: 13.00 % Trail: 0.00 %
Physical Difficulty: Medium Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 526 525
Recommended For: Amateurs
Profile Barjacoba-Pías-Barjacoba
Shortly after leaving Barjacoba we will cross the river Barjacoba, by a paved road we will ascend to the Cruz de la Mata. We will find numerous crosses. Later we will cross the Arroyo de Val, climb up to the Sistral sheepfolds where we will find the Corrals of Xaneiro (to save the cattle), we will descend to cross the Arroyo de Xaneiro to return to a high above the town "to Lama da Loba "down to the road ZA-102 that we will have to take during a piece, we will cross the river of Barjacoba and shortly after we will take a traditional road that will take us to the Cheeses of Pedro Carracedo a little further up we arrive to the traditional road of Barjacoba Which leads to Curro dos Lobos, we will descend on this road to Barjacoba where we can observe panoramic views of the Barjacoba River, Mata Ladeira, Cruz de la Mata, Pedra do Bedul. View File