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    MTB-5. Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
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Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
Distance: 135.00 Km Circular: Yes IBP: 287
Start: Lubián
Landing: 83.77 % Asphalt: 0.00 % Trail: 16.22 %
Physical Difficulty: Low Technical Difficulty: Low Gradient 3975 3962
Recommended For: Experts
Profile Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the route we will pass through oak forests with a few birch trees, where we can find some willow trees, as well as holly and chestnut trees. We also find wonderful fountains especially in the different towns. As we ascend to the different mountain ranges we will see incredible panoramas of the different populations, valleys and mountain ranges of the area. Usually and along the top of these mountain ranges we will find large extensions of shrubs, carballos, heather and brooms.Along the route and depending on the time of year we will also see the innumerable lagoons that have these mountain ranges and the dam of Porto Bridge. These gaps are in the first 34 km of the route. Along this stretch of mountain range, there are other lagoons, to reach them we would have to abandon our route.It is one of the best routes to see the traces of the glaciations, which are visible in the rugged terrain of this route. Glacier ice also left its mark on the flora that inhabits th View File