MTB-5. Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
Distance:  135.000 Km Circular:  Yes IBP:  287 Start:  Lubián
Recommended For:  Experts Finish:  Lubían
Physical Difficulty:  Low Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  3975 Gradient :  3962
Total Time:  20:00 h Moving Time:  15:00 h Asc Time:  10:18 h Desc Time:  3:56 h
Max Cota:  1836 Min Cota:  795 Cyclability:  100.00 %  
Type Land:  Pista y asfalto Landing:  83.77 % Asphalt:  0.00 % Trail:  16.22 %
Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 15 to 302.922.1600:43:57 
 10 to 159.236.8301:50:17 
 5 to 1021.2215.7003:48:55 
 2 to 528.9121.3903:55:39 
 -2 to 212.499.2501:01:07 
 -5 to -225.9419.2102:10:26 
 -10 to -521.9716.2601:08:24 
 -15 to -1010.177.520:30:24 
 -30 to -152.271.6800:07:11 
  Total:  135.12 100.00 15:16:20  
Desglose Km Gran Ruta Alta Sanabria
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Location:  Lubian
Summary Populations:   Aciberos, Hermisende, La Tejera, Lubián, Pías
Places of Interest:  Lubián, Embalse de Puente Porto. Las sierras de los distintos municipios

Route Description:
The great route of the Alta Sanabria begins in the town of Lubián, concretely in the shelter of pilgrims that we will leave to our left. We headed towards the town of Aciberos by the road of Santiago Sanabrés. 3.2 km separate both villages.From Aciberos to the waypoint 38 that is the crossing of the tunnel that would take us to Padornelo, we have 5.1 km. From this crossing of Padornelo at the beginning of the track of the wind power of Padornelo we only separate 1.2 km. Once we are on the track of wind power, we go up to the top of the mountain after leaving the wind. A little before reaching this area, we joined the GR-84. Shortly after joining, we have a mountain refuge with a fountain, both are in the Sierra de Aciberos. We will have traveled 10.2 km from where the track began. We are on waypoint 54, from where we can see the Porto Bridge reservoir on our right. At this same point we left the track to continue for the GR-84 direction to the top of A Canda. We have about 21.4 km, many of them downhill.Once in Alto de A Canda we head towards the village of Vilavella, instead of going by the road of Santiago, we will go during a stretch by route 6 by bike from A Mezquita, 8 km separates us from Vilavella. From here we climb to O Pereiro, this time by the road to Santiago, we have 3.5 km.Now we are going to A Mezquita, which is only 2.1 km. From A Mezquita we go to the town of Chaguazoso, 6 km is what separates them. From Chaguazoso we descend towards Manzalvos, another 6 km.From Manzalvos we go to Portugal, concretely to the town of Moimenta, to 6,8 km. To get here we use a section of the contraband route. Before the Portuguese people we can see, the "Penedo del Mozo" and "Fuente and Fraga two three kingdoms" the latter turning to the right on waypoint 175.From Moimenta, where we can visit the smuggling museum, we will go up to Castromil by the Contraband route, 7.6 km separating both villages.From Castromil we will go by the highlands towards San Ciprián de Hermisende, 10.1 km away, before reaching this municipality we can visit, turning left on waypoint 214 the "Pedra de las Ferraduras" and following the great Route, a little further down to our right, we will have the "Castelo de Rechouso" on waypoint 217, in this zone we must take the precautions.From San Ciprián de Hermisende to the entrance of Hermisende we only have 1.4 km. We do not have to reach Hermisende, although it is worth visiting. After crossing the river Tuela through the "Ponte da Veiga" we will turn right for a few sections of the routes of Prados and Castaños and La Raya. We will go up to La Tejera. 12 km separate these two populations.Once in Tejera, leaving Gamoneda road on the way to the cemetery, climb up to top Gamoneda, which is 10.6 km.Now we have to go down from the high road to the road ZA-P-2669, that road is that of Lubián to Hermisende. We have a distance of approximately 9.2 km.Shortly after joining the road ZA-P-2669, we leave to head for the service road, 6.3 km the road to Santiago, which will take us to Lubián. We are only 3.7 km from the end of this great route.

Path of access to wind farms of the different electricity companies in the area, as well as to private farms and communal mountain of the different Town halls. Some are access roads, mainly livestock, others are traditional roads and a section along the road to Santiago Sanabrés. It can be done at any time of year looking for the charm of each season. In winter it is very complicated by the harsh winters of the area and its abundant snowfall. It has some stretch of road or cemented areas, in total about 22 km. Although the majority of the route is track, in some places it is compact, in others with loose stones and some section by firewalls. It can be done on foot, by bicycle, horse and motor vehicles (for motor vehicles consult the regulations of the area of ​​environment).In this habitat we can see animals like roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others. In summer it is a very hard route with few areas of shade, since it runs in the majority of the sites by very open zones of saw and of considerable altitude.It is addressed to everyone who is very well prepared physically by the amount of kilometers that it has and by the hardness of it. Although it has some less difficult section, most of the kilometers are hardest. We have to take precautions in many places, especially in the areas of roads, slopes, fire breaks and areas where we pass near very steep valleys. It is recommended to do this route in several days depending on the strengths of each. We can choose accommodation in the different populations, by mountain refuges or by a combination of both.

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