SEN-26. Porto-Vega de Conde
Distance:  58.200 Km Circular:  No IBP:  204 Start:  Zona ferial de Porto
Recommended For:  Experts Finish:  Zona ferial de Porto
Physical Difficulty:  Very High Technical Difficulty:  Medium Gradient :  1468 Gradient :  1481
Total Time:  15:00 h Moving Time:  12:00 h Asc Time:  5:41 h Desc Time:  5:02 h
Max Cota:  1 Min Cota:  1 Cyclability:  100.00 %  
Type Land:  Pista y asfalto Landing:  0.00 % Asphalt:  0.00 % Trail:  0.00 %
Porto-Vega de Conde
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 10 to 152.464.2200:38:36 
 5 to 1010.9818.8102:24:43 
 2 to 512.7821.8802:37:56 
 -2 to 26.2310.6801:17:27 
 -5 to -212.8121.9402:19:43 
 -10 to -510.1217.3302:04:10 
 -15 to -102.824.8300:35:17 
 -30 to -150.140.2300:02:12 
 -55 to -300.050.0800:00:56 
  Total:  58.39 100.00 12:01:00  
Desglose Km Porto-Vega de Conde
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Location:  Porto
Summary Populations:  
Places of Interest:  Porto, Presas de Puente Porto, Playa, Cárdena, Garandones, Vega de Tera y Vega de Conde

Route Description:
We will take the A-52 motorway towards Galicia, we will leave at the top of the Canda, at the exit of Villavieja to Mezquita, immediately of the exit, we go to the right looking for the ZA-102 direction Pías and Porto. Once past the town of Pias the first crossing to the right indicates us Barjacoba, we will continue in front of Porto. Before reaching Porto about 300 meters we cross the river Bibey. After arriving at Porto, we will turn right in the direction of the Porto fair where we will find a purifier on our right which is where the route begins, after the purification plant a large esplanade where we can leave the car.
We leave the area of ​​the Fair where we enter leaving the sewage treatment plant on the left side, we reach the road ZA-102 and the GR-84 signposted with two bands one red and one white, we will continue straight on the main road. A little over 1 km we leave the ZA-102 and the GR-84 turning left to leave both, we join a first track of asphalt to gradually become a dirt track and stones in most places .
This track goes up to Cruz da Costa, Campo and Peñas Blancas. We find three wonderful fountains and a breathtaking panoramic view of the San Sebastian reservoir and the area. A little higher up we reach the area of ​​stream Valdeinfierno we continue to climb enjoying their views and their fountains. We arrived at the first dam, the Puente de Porto we have traveled 11.5 km approximately from the beginning of the route, just over 2 km the mountain refuge and the dam of Playa where we could spend the night. From this refuge we have another 2 km approximately to reach the dam of Cárdena which we will pass over the slope, this dam has two buildings at the end of it, a little later and at the first crossing to the right the refuge of Cárdena (to reach that refuge we have to deviate from the route). From the dam of Cárdena to the dam of Garandones we have 1.3 km approximately and from here we are separated almost 8 km to the dam of Vega de Tera with its old refuge of fishermen today very deteriorated. If we need a refuge after the Garandones dam at the next junction we find, we should head for the Pico del Fraile where we have a refuge very close to the junction.
Once in Vega de Tera dam also known as "broken dam," which broke on January 9, 1959, this break is also known as the Ribadelago catastrophe, we have 4.5 km Vega de Conde dam. Very close to this reservoir we have two mountain refuges, one of them called the Pedro river.
To return to Porto we must return by the same place, this time we will not pass through the dam of Vega de Tera, we will go up from Vega de Conde to the Garandones dam, dam of Cárdena, dam and refuge of Playa, dam of Porto Bridge from here We descend to Porto enjoying wonderful views of the area of ​​Peñas Blancas, Campo and Cruz da Costa. We are near the Arroyo Valdeinfierno area, to the left we will go to the Valdesirgas dam facing Porto. Some signs tell us. A little further down a fountain on the right side and a little later a table with some benches on a wonderful lookout. Extreme precautions. Just below the asphalt begins, we arrive at the road ZA-102 and the GR-84. We are going to Porto. After crossing the river Bibey we arrive at Porto, before entering the village we leave the road ZA-102 turning right reaching the area of ​​the Fair where there is a large esplanade and a purifier on the right side, here ends the route.

Access road to hydraulic operations of the electricity company Endesa, as well as private farms and communal mountain of the City of Porto. It is an access road mainly livestock and hydraulic exploitation. It can be done at any time of year looking for the charm of each season. In winter it is very complicated by the harsh winters of the area. It has some stretch of road, although most of the route is track, in some places it is compact in others it is with loose stones. It can be done on foot, by bicycle, horse and motor vehicles. For motor vehicles consult the regulations of the area of ​​environment.In this habitat we can see animals such as roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others. In summer it is a very hard route with practically no shade zone, since it runs in most of the places by very open zones of saw and of considerable altitude.
It is addressed to everyone who is very well prepared physically for the amount of kilometers that this route has and for the hardness of it. Although it has some less difficult section, most of the kilometers are hardest. We have to take precautions in many places, especially in the areas of roads, slopes and areas where we pass near very steep valleys.

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