SEN-19. Barjacoba - As Lamas
Distance:  6.700 Km Circular:  Yes IBP:  34 Start:  Barjacoba
Recommended For:  Children's Finish:  Barjacoba
Physical Difficulty:  Low Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  246 Gradient :  246
Total Time:  2:00 h Moving Time:  1:30 h Asc Time:  0:43 h Desc Time:  0:37 h
Max Cota:  1445 Min Cota:  1247 Cyclability:  75.00 %  
Type Land:  Camino carretero y sendas entre la maleza Landing:  81.70 % Asphalt:  18.30 % Trail:  0.00 %
Barjacoba - As Lamas
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 15 to 300.202.9100:03:28 
 10 to 150.7210.7400:09:38 
 5 to 101.0115.0500:13:13 
 2 to 51.4020.8800:17:28 
 -2 to 20.669.9000:09:12 
 -5 to -20.7511.1900:10:12 
 -10 to -50.9313.8700:12:21 
 -15 to -100.649.5500:08:45 
 -30 to -150.405.9100:06:00 
  Total:  6.71 100.00 01:30:17  
Desglose Km Barjacoba - As Lamas
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Location:  Barcajoba
Summary Populations:   Barjacoba
Places of Interest:  Lagunas

Route Description:
We drive along the motorway to the village of Padornelo, once here, to the church square where we have a large parking and a large fountain with a cruise, from this square we head southeast direction down in order to leave the town of Padornelo To cross about 500 meters the A-52 motorway below, immediately a bridge to cross the Leira River, we are on the road to Santiago Sanabrés. We will go along a path parallel to the river Leira that allows us to contemplate the same from different points. We climbed a bit along the road to Santiago Sanabrés. At 1.3 km we are on our left with a helicopter track and the road conservation center, 300 meters up the road we leave Santiago to join the wind farm, we will find on the left a pilgrim's cross . We began to climb with greater intensity toward the top of Gamoneda. At 3.9 km from the exit point is the junction that would take us to Tejedelo, we go to the right to crown the top of Gamoneda that is about 6 km from the beginning of the route, a little later and before Start the descent the transformation center. All this area has fantastic views, we can see panoramas of Hermisende, San Ciprian, Castrelos. About 6 km further down from the top of Gamoneda we leave the track to go down the area of ​​Fonte la Carne, crossing firewalls and streams. At about 15.5 km from the beginning we get down and parallel to the A-52 where we will see a tunnel whose mission is the passage of wild animals. A little further up about 800 meters we join a road that is dead, we continue to reach a salt deposits, 200 meters from these deposits extreme precautions as we reach a stretch of road (access to the service area From Padornelo), we will cross the A-52 motorway over a bridge, past that bridge we will join the Sanabrés Way of Santiago, 300 meters later we will cross the A-52 again this time by means of a tunnel, about 2 From here we will reach the Leira river bridge and the first tunnel of our route where we will cross again under the A-52 motorway being 500 meters to reach the square of the Church of the town of Padornelo.

The itinerary goes through sections of the traditional way of the City of Lubián, pieces of the road of Santiago Sanabrés and tracks of the wind, can be done at any time of the year looking for the charm of each station, it is an access road to lands and windmills , Can be done on foot, horse and bicycle. In this habitat we will be able to see animals like roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others, in summer it is a hard route due to the shortage of shadows since it runs in most of the sites by open zones. We will see panoramas of the valleys of the Leira and Tuela rivers, and panoramic views of Padornelo, Aciberos, Lubián, Hedroso, Hermisende, Castrelos and San Ciprián, this route leaves from the square of the church of Padornelo.
This area is mainly dedicated to the electric exploitation.
This route is aimed at everyone who is very well prepared physically for the amount of kilometers that this route has. The route is simple but long, suitable for children taking precautions somewhere, especially in road areas and streams.

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