SEN-16. Valle del río Bibey
Distance:  15.770 Km Circular:  No IBP:  16 Start:  Porto de Sanabria
Recommended For:  Amateurs Finish:  Porto de Sanabria
Physical Difficulty:  Low Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  249 Gradient :  260
Total Time:  4:02 h Moving Time:  3:30 h Asc Time:  1:34 h Desc Time:  1:36 h
Max Cota:  1429 Min Cota:  1208 Cyclability:  100.00 %  
Type Land:  Pista compactada y con cemento Landing:  50.00 % Asphalt:  50.00 % Trail:  0.00 %
Valle del río Bibey
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 10 to 150.352.200:05:28 
 5 to 101.308.260:20:22 
 2 to 54.4928.461:08:29 
 -2 to 23.3821.440:51:45 
 -5 to -24.6529.481:11:16 
 -10 to -51.308.210:20:10 
 -15 to -100.090.590:01:42 
 -30 to -150.221.360:03:27 
  Total:  15.78 100.00 04:02:39  
Desglose Km Valle del río Bibey
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Location:  Porto de Sanabria
Summary Populations:  
Places of Interest:  Porto de Sanabria y río Bibey

Route Description:
Part of the Laguazais square in the village of Porto, it is an access road to farms where we can visit a mill and impressive acebrales. We go to the town of Porto by the ZA-102, we start the route of the route in the square of Laguazais, to get here we have to follow the marks of the GR-84 (two rectangles one red and one white) The town of Porto taking us along Main Street, we first have a square where the Church and City Hall is located a little further on the square of Laguazais with a fountain and trough in the center and ample parking. We start the route in an easterly direction along the street canceling and following the GR-84, for which we will go for 1.4 km. About 250 m. Of the square we leave the town of Porto to enter in the proper route.
From the town square until we leave the GR-84 we have 1.4 km, if we follow about 300 m more by the GR-84 we will be able to visit the mill and the bridge Freita on the river Bibey, having to return again to the same site To continue with our route, at this junction there is a sign that shelters Rio Pedro about 20.6 km.
The Casa da Cacheta is about 3.3 km from the beginning of the route, the Acebrales do Grañeiro and das Meadas are 3.6 km and 4.3 km respectively from the beginning of the route. An acebral is an acebada, this is a forest of holly called acebros in this zone, they are small trees of slow growth that can surpass 10 meters of height. It is a dioecious plant, we can find male and female plants, the latter produce a small red fruit that ripens in autumn "the drupe" of these plants and these fruits depend many birds to spend the long winters in this area, for the human being Very toxic.
This habitat is the refuge of animals such as roe deer or wild boar, protecting themselves from the inclemencies of winter, on the contrary summer is a cool place.
The Casa do Castelo is 5.6 km from the town square, next to this house we can see an old colt to graze and treat the cattle of the area, to 7.1 km the detour that takes us to Peña Trevinca and The Laguna da Serpe and we finish to about 7.9 km we have the end of the route we arrive at the feet of the Montouto of 1,858 meters of altitude. To return we do it where we came.

The traditional way of the Town Hall of Porto to access rye and mill lands, also of monte bajo, runs practically following a cement road and land that presents few basements with a fairly compact terrain, can be done at any time of the year looking for charm Of each station, can be done on foot, horse and bicycle and all terrain (for motor vehicles consult the environmental regulations of the area). In this habitat we will be able to see animals like the roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others, in summer is a route little fresh, since it runs through open zones of mount low and sierra with hardly any trees. This valley of the Bibey River is dedicated mainly to the cattle ranch and agriculture reason why the landscape is of low vegetation with little grove. Holly is a protected species of great ecological value. Help us preserve these forests with your respect.
It is addressed to everyone who is physically well prepared for the amount of kilometers that this route has. The route is simple but long, suitable for children extreme precautions in several points.

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