SEN-15. Prados y Castaños
Distance:  8.870 Km Circular:  Yes IBP:   Start:  Hermisende
Recommended For:  Amateurs Finish:  Hermisende
Physical Difficulty:  Low Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  214 Gradient :  207
Total Time:  2:00 h Moving Time:  1:18 h Asc Time:  0:41 h Desc Time:  0:33 h
Max Cota:  940 Min Cota:  800    
Type Land:  Camino carretero y pista Landing:  100.00 % Asphalt:  0.00 % Trail:  0.00 %
Prados y Castaños
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 10 to 150.091.060:02:00 
 5 to 102.1524.260:21:00 
 2 to 51.9221.640:18:00 
 -2 to 20.859.550:04:00 
 -5 to -21.8420.810:15:01 
 -10 to -51.6418.490:15:09 
 -15 to -100.374.180:03:01 
  Total:  8.86 99.99 01:18:11  
Desglose Km Prados y Castaños
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Location:  Hermisende
Summary Populations:   Hermisende
Places of Interest:  Hermisende

Route Description:
This route starts from the town of Hermisende, we begin the route of the route in the square of the Church where there is a parking, we will start in this direction to the road that leads to the Tejera, after passing the center of the chestnuts to about 600 M. We leave the road on the dirt road on the right, where we find the signposting of this route at a junction of three paths, we go along the trail to the left.This road goes parallel to the Small river that in principle goes to our left side. We will cross this river a little later and the stream will now be on the right side, which we will later lose, then we will cross it again, positioning the stream on the left side again. The sound of this stream and the shadow of its abundant vegetation will accompany us almost all the way.
From here we start to leave aside the forest and enter the area of ​​monte bajo, we arrive at a zone of mount low and rock where we have wonderful views, from the left side towards the south-west the high of Catrapeiro of the natural park of The mountain range of Montesinho in Portugal, facing the west the high garridos, and to the right side towards the north the valley of Hermisende with the river Tuela and Lombo do Bosque among others. From here up to the right and in the waypoint nº 22 leaves a highway road that the passage of the time left marked on the stone the wheels of the old cars that walked by these mountain ranges. If we want to shorten our walk we can go down here as it will take us further down the path of the meadows and chestnut trees to waypoint nº 25.
We will continue straight ahead beginning to descend towards the town of Hermisende, shortly before arriving at the village we will find old chestnuts authentic monuments of the nature of the biggest of the province of Zamora. A little further ahead we will continue to the right by the road to close our route arriving at the town of Hermisende, we are very close to the bridge and the recreational area of ​​the river Tuela that is to our left.

It is a traditional way of the Town Hall of Hermisende, it can be done at any time of the year looking for the charm of each season, it is a way of access to labor farms, meadows, chestnut groves and monte bajo, can be done on foot, in Bicycle, horse and all terrain (for motor vehicles consult the environmental regulations of the area). In this habitat we will be able to see animals like roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others, in summer is a very fresh route, since it runs in the majority of the sites by zones covered with trees. This valley is mainly dedicated to livestock and agriculture. It is addressed to the whole world since it is a very simple route, suitable for children although extreme precautions in some areas especially in the areas of road.

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